The Finishing Touch

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Glenfiddich x GarçonJon

To celebrate the relaunch of Glenfiddich’s 21 Year Old, we created a collaboration with renowned photographer GarçonJon to curate a special exhibition – The Art of the Finishing Touch.

Glenfiddich’s 21 Year Old is a unique special malt. Aged for two decades, it undergoes a further four months in a Caribbean rum cask to add the finishing touch to an already superb whisky. Such is Glenfiddich’s dedication to perfection, they created their own rum to flavour the oak casks consistently.

The idea of the finishing touch extended to the new packaging. Deliciously bold burnt oranges with intricate details are embossed throughout the box appealing directly to Glenfiddich’s influential, style-centric demographic.

The event illustrated the concept of the finishing touch in Glenfiddich whisky and other fields of craftsmanship. GarçonJon shot an exceptional series of photographs that showcased the personalities of individuals driven by perfection.

The exhibition launched with a VIP event and ran over over several days with evenings reserved for hosted whisky tasting events.

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